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Fissure Doctor

Fissure Doctor

At the present time, when a large population sector is suffering from a fissure problem, we are here to deliver a technologically latest surgical treatment with a help of our well-qualified Fissure Doctor In Dombivli West Mumbai. Similarly, as per the concerns of Fistula-in-Ano, a team of our doctors perform the services under anaesthesia where a small telescope is passed by an outer opening of the fistula on the skin. It is actually gets connected to an HD-camera which then transmit an image of inner side fistula on a monitor. Under this vision, an entire length of fistula tract is removed towards an internal opening which is present inside the canal of a wall.

Furthermore, any branching of the fistula tracts can also easily get identify and also can easily be tracked by our Fissure Doctor In Dombivli West at market's leading rates. This internal opening then gets closed with a help of stitched or say a stapler so that feces do not leak back again into the fistula tunnel. The most noticeable thing about our services is that we the Fissure Doctor In Mumbai also do daily dressing after providing the best suitable treatment for fissure which is also important to do. In other words, a daily dressing is gently done by our proficient doctors just by flushing with saline completely by using a syringe so as to remove the dead tissue inside the healing fistula tract.

We comprehend the concerns of the patient suffering from a fissure. Other aspects have also observed that fissure may also rise with Hypertension, Diabetes mellites, Heart disease, Crohn's disease and much more with flawlessness and cost-effectiveness. These features of are what differentiate us from other same service providers.


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